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Tailored Excellence in Home Construction

Regardless of the size of the project, we aim for functionality, longevity, and efficiency. Also, because we work with a limited number of clients, you can enjoy more individual attention.

At LBF Homes, every client and project is unique.

Supervising the daily progress of a project and communicating clearly with clients is paramount. We work closely with our clients so everyone is on the same page throughout the building process.

LBF Homes partner with a diverse price range of architects, designers, and contractors to deliver a result that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Construction management

LBF Homes offers professional construction management services, ensuring the effective management of the project’s budget, safety, schedule, scope, and function. We carefully monitor and coordinate all the phases, so you can breathe easily. We are also the central point of communication between you and the team, with an intimate understanding of the big picture.

At LBF Homes, our highly refined approach to construction and unwavering commitment keep you involved and informed every step of the way. Our projects reflect our extensive project management experience, as we carefully plan and monitor the progress from beginning to end.

In addition, we partner with architects, designers, and general contractors for the best project design, with a detailed schedule and budget.

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Building a custom home

A custom home build starts with a vision—your vision.

At LBF Homes, we emphasize that effective communication is the cornerstone of crafting a home that mirrors your personality, fulfills your needs, and complements your unique lifestyle.

Our philosophy toward designing a custom home is centered on empowering you with complete control to shape it according to your preferences. Nothing is pre-planned, pre-selected, or pre-designed.

Throughout every phase of the project, we are readily available to share our extensive knowledge and expertise.

The 6 phases of our custom homes

Phase 1
The Discovery Phase

Begin by outlining your preferences. List your needs and desired architectural style, room functions, design elements, product features, and lifestyle requirements. 

Phase 2
The Design and Budgeting Phase

Develop and flesh out your floor plan and home design. The architect takes the lead to create a preliminary design. Then the builder drafts a preliminary estimate that aligns with your desired budget. Complete a site analysis, draft a construction schedule, finalize a specific design and floor plan ideas, features, product elements to be included to best match your dream home. 

Phase 3
The Pre-Construction Phase

As your builder, we will help you with all the paperwork and bureaucracy that must happen in any construction project. Neighborhood association approvals are obtained, building permits are secured, necessary insurance coverage options are analyzed, and financing is squared away. Now is also when the key subcontractors for roofing, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work are locked down, so they are available at the right time. 

Phase 4
The Construction Phase

This is the phase where all the decisions are made and put into practice. The house takes shape as the foundation is poured and the framing erected. Our experienced construction manager will do the utmost to see that the work goes smoothly and keep everything on schedule. After the framing is complete, the major systems of your home are installed, from plumbing and electrical to insulation and finishes. 

Phase 5
The Final Inspection Phase

Your custom home is finished! Now it's time for final city inspections and third-party inspections. This is to ensure everything is up to code and completed to your specifications. 

Phase 6
The Warranty phase

As an industry-standard, all materials and workmanship in our homes have a one-year warranty, all mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) have a two-year warrantee, and structural components are under warrantee for ten years. If anything is deemed not operative or defective, we are here to efficiently and effectively fix it. More importantly, we remain a resource you can always reach out to with any questions or concerns, no matter when the project was completed. 

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