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Our history

LBF HOMES is a family-operated, boutique full-service building company that serves the Austin area.

In 2016, LBF Homes began remodelling old historical houses while also starting unique new construction projects in San Antonio. Since then we have grown into Austin focusing on unique modern new construction and custom homes.

LBF Homes has experience with a broad range of construction projects; we can work across a variety of scales and budgets.

Passion for Design

Our approach is simple when we work on new construction – quality, not quantity. That’s why we advocate for only a certain number of projects every year. That way, we can provide a high level of dedication, design, and expertise to each project for successful completion.

At LBF Homes we are proud to say that every house has a unique modern touch, from the facades to outstanding interior design.

We are a team of diversely talented people who are passionate about building cutting-edge modern homes, which makes both us and our clients proud.

Frequently Asked Questions

With every build, there will naturally be questions. Below you will find answers to the most common questions we are asked.

Yes, we’ve worked with past clients who had architects or a chosen architect from another state. Architects can be as involved or uninvolved in the process as they chose. If you don’t have one yet, please visit with us first, we can help you in the process of finding the best match for your home style. The sooner we are involved in the project the better.

While we are not set up for kitchen or bath remodels; however, we will review remodels starting at $90,000 and up.

Yes, we are not married to one style. We have our preferences but welcome all styles.

There are a variety of items that go into the making and pricing of a custom home. The cost is determined by several factors, from the materials that go into its construction as well as the labor, size, and time required to build the house and ensure that it is in working condition.

We don’t provide real estate services, but we can link you to talented local professionals who we work with and trust. We are confident they will go above and beyond to find you the perfect lot for your dream house.

Several variants affect the construction timeline and sometimes they are out of our control, like the weather. The average construction timeline for a custom home is eight to twelve months.

Austin and surroundings

No, we don’t have one, because each project is a unique one-of-a-kind for us. Our lead designer will guide and help you make all your design choices from start to finish.

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