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LBF HOMES is a specialized full-service construction firm dedicated to excellence, proudly serving the Austin area.

Our history

LBF HOMES is a family-operated, boutique full-service building company that serves the Austin area.

In 2016, LBF Homes began remodelling old historical houses while also starting unique new construction projects in San Antonio. Since then we have grown into Austin focusing on unique modern new construction and custom homes.

LBF Homes has experience with a broad range of construction projects; we can work across a variety of scales and budgets.

Passion for Design

In our construction approach, design is the heartbeat of our philosophy. Embracing quality over quantity, we intentionally limit yearly projects to ensure each benefits from our commitment and expertise.

This simplicity echoes throughout our strategy, emphasizing the superiority of quality in every new construction venture. We advocate for exclusivity, opting for only a select few projects annually, allowing us to infuse each with unparalleled dedication, creativity, and expertise.

Our skilled professionals seamlessly integrate aesthetics, functionality, and contemporary design. This dedication ensures we not only meet but exceed client expectations, with each home presenting unique touches reflecting our profound passion for design.

Our construction process is a meticulous art form – a dance of creativity, precision, and innovation. Opting for our services means choosing an experience beyond the ordinary, where every detail serves as a testament to our enduring commitment to design excellence. Our philosophy underscores that limiting projects annually enables an elevated level of dedication, design innovation, and expertise, ensuring successful completion.

At LBF Homes, pride is rooted in the distinctive modern essence woven into each residence, extending from captivating facades to extraordinary interior design.

Our dedicated team, with diverse talents and a shared passion, transcends builders to become architects of contemporary living spaces. This commitment not only sets us apart but elevates client satisfaction, leaving an indelible mark on the homes we create.

In our pursuit of excellence, each project is a canvas for innovation. Every element, from architectural nuances to interior details, is meticulously curated, reflecting the epitome of modern living. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of design trends ensures every LBF home is not merely a dwelling but a masterpiece blending functionality with aesthetics.

Choosing LBF Homes means embarking on a transformative journey where your vision for a modern, sophisticated residence comes to life. We take pride in more than just constructing houses; we specialize in creating homes resonating with unique aspirations and lifestyles.


Windsor Residence

Architect: Davey Mceathron Architecture
Interior Design: Begonia Barbancho

Laurel Residence

Architect: Davey Mceathron Architecture
Interior Design: Begonia Barbancho

Mansell Residences #4

Architect: Davey Mceathron Architecture
Interior Design: Begonia Barbancho


Our small home built by LBF is an absolute gem - meticulously designed to optimize space with thoughtful storage solutions integrated throughout, custom design touches, and strategically placed large windows that flood the space with natural light to make our home feel incredibly spacious. The outdoor spaces further optimize our home & hosting options. The experience of working with LBF was seamless and they went above and beyond to make every part of the process amazing for us. They provided expert honest guidance on customizations to really make our house feel like a home. For anyone seeking a boutique home builder in Austin, LBF exceeds expectations. Their homes are beautifully constructed and every detail reflects a passion for creating spaces that resonate with the unique lifestyle of their clients.

Kendall Unbehand

We searched, contacted and interviewed quite a few builders before deciding to work with Lluis and Begonia. Before our consultation meeting, we had a brief conversation on the phone and when they met us a week later, they had already prepared preliminary design ideas and renderings that brought our vision to life! Very professional, prepared for meetings and attentive to listening to desires and needs. No surprises and very transparent with pricing, options for cost improvements and trade offs you should and shouldn't make. If you want a truly dedicated builder that can provide the quality home you expect and deserve, I would recommend LBF Homes!

Cecile Labossiere

LBF homes was recommended by a friend of mine to be the builders of my new house after a long search of who to contract. There are so many nightmare stories from other friends building now; between the lack of workers, material prices, delays, and poor labor, I decided to hire them. The house is almost done, but I have to say that Begonia and Lluis have held my hand every step of the way. I don’t know much of the field, but being a single household earner, I had to research how my money was being spent. All the MANY questions I had were answered, and Begonia did not hold back when I kept making suggestions. She is a great designer, saw my vision, and made it better (and functional). We had some hiccups, which I expected to have with all that’s going on, but the LBF team communicated the process and made me at ease with all that I needed to provide, and the dates that were estimated were met. I recommend this team if you are looking to build a unique home in the area.

Paola R.

Worries with LBF Homes to do a full bathroom remodel. Can’t express how happy I am with using them. They were super easy to deal with, gave me multiple options to fit my budget and provided us with pics to understand what the final outcome was going to look like. They were never trying to up-sell ilia stuff and their time estimate for project completion was spot on. Expectations were set before hand and met.

Andrés Bego

Built my house and my deck in the backyard. They are the first people I call for help/ any issues with my new build. Honest, good people who are east to work with. They will make your vision come to life.

John Siragusa

LBF Homes is hands down one of my favorite boutique builders in Austin for so many reasons. From planning to creative design to construction, they manage everything in-house which makes the process of building a new home with them so seamless. I also feel like the cost-quality trade-off has met (or exceeded, honestly) my expectations without exceeding the original budget. I’m a real estate professional and I sell A LOT of new construction homes ... so I mean it when I say that Lluis and Begonia are two of the best in the business.

Shay, Austin Designation

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